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Strategy for Effective Living Ministry

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Advising Individuals and Families

Find the support you need to combat life’s obstacles by working with our spiritual advisors. At the Strategy for Effective Living Ministry, we offer Christian counseling for individuals and military and civilian families. We know you may be in pain, but you don’t have to suffer alone. Our team is here to help you overcome your personal hurdles and live a better life.

Family Violence

End the cycle of abuse in your family with the help of our faith-based counselors. We provide expert guidance to those facing family violence. Typically, abuse in families starts mentally and verbally, but it quickly escalates to becoming physical and life-threatening. We want to get as many people out of this situation as possible. Let us help you make the first step in the right direction.

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Improving Marriages and Family Dynamics

Learn how to strengthen your family’s bond by seeking guidance from us. Keeping your family together is important, as they are the key to living a successful life. They will also help you strengthen your relationship with our Savior.

Our advisors are also open to assisting you with improving your marriage. We’ll tell you why marriage is not just a piece of paper, but a spiritual covenant that all family members need to observe.

Spiritual Guidance

Besides mentoring families, we also offer counseling services for individuals who want to grow in Christ. Our pastor, Dr. Tolbert, has the knowledge to bring you back to the nurturement of God. He, along with our congregants, has the ability to teach you how to gain your life back.

Drug Addiction Advisement

Find freedom from the downward spiral of addiction by turning to our ministry. Our pastor is an experienced drug addiction advisor. By arranging a session with him, you’ll find the strength to acknowledge the anger issues that led to your addiction. You’ll also obtain liberation from your despair by asking God for forgiveness.

Dr. Tolbert knows there are many lost souls out there. Part of his God-given purpose and the mission is to provide followers a realistic, step-by-step biblical reference on how to live in this secular and lost world, without losing their faith.

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